Discover India- India Tech programme

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his ambitious “Make in India” program in September 2015, pledging to lower barriers to doing business and promote foreign investment. He is hoping to transform Asia’s third-largest economy into a manufacturing powerhouse like China. It has been almost a year since the program was launched. Discover India…. Technology Way is a programme designed to show case Engineering & Technological strength of India. Discover India…. Technology Way programme participant will also get to know insight of the government and lawmakers as they would get involved in direct meetings with political leaders, Members of Parliament, business heads, top executives from reputed corporate giants and experts across different industries. Discover India…. Technology Way programme would give participants to make direct linkage and lifelong business contacts. Before launching ambitious programmes like “Make In India” & Smart Cities” the Government of India for the first time since independence took specific steps to change atmosphere in the country. Lately we have seen tremendous change. Just to mention specifically the change was brought through :
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